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Oral Surgeons we recommend:
Dr. Elliot Douglassville, PA 
Phone: 610-385-7403
Pottstown Oral Surgery  Pottstown, Boyertown Locations
Phone:  610-326-7880

Whitening Products
Call today to pickup, or we can mail you our home whitening systems. These systems are extra strength and cannot be purchased in stores.  Low Cost and affordable whitening system.  No impressions are needed for our take home kit. that offers fabulous results. 

Plaque HD: Helps kids to brush better. Shows blue on areas that still have plaque remaining after brushing.

ACT Anti-cavity Rinse

Dental Whitening Special

We offer take home whitening kits with professional strength tooth whitening services.  This strength cannot be purchased in stores. 
Want whitening results? 
Call today to pickup your own professional whitening kits. These kits can be used without custom trays. 
Trays can instantly be customized to each patient and are ready for pickup the same day. No Impressions required. 
Whitening kit cost is under $100. ( current spring special).
Getting married ? Whiten today for instant results. 
CPAP intolerant? Dr. Rohrbach is a dental sleep apnea specialist. Sleep Apnea Dentist. Philadelphia, PA top sleep apnea dentist.