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Implant Placement Procedure Guide

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Dental Implant Procedure

Step 1:  Extraction of the tooth and placement of the implant. 

*sometimes this step must be preceded by placement of bone 
  and a  membrane barrier and allowing the site to heal for 6 
  months.  This is done when there is not enough bone to place the   
-this procedure is $250.00** for the bone and $250.00** for   
 the barrier
*sometimes bone must be placed with the implant to increase   
  prognosis if there is a shortage of adequate bone

*final determination for placement of implant will be made at this visit  
  when the doctor is able to see if there is an adequate amount of bone

The waiting period after placement of the implant is 6 weeks . Without placement of bone, and 6 months if bone is placed with the implant

Step 2:  Placement of abutment on the implant and impression for the crown- 

The waiting period after placement of the post is 3 weeks

Step 3:  Placement of the crown on the implant post  

We strongly advise patients interested in implants to get implant fees from one surgeon before scheduling with our office.  Our best implant patients are those most informed.  

**Implants and Abutments are subject to a 50% discount if paid for in full with cash or check at the time of service, and a 45% discount if paid for in full with credit card at time of service. The above mentioned fees reflect the 50% discount.  If using insurance, we are under contract with the insurance company to use their fees.


Dental Implant Placement
Only $888

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